Collection: Murray's Superior Products Co.


Murray's is committed to producing high quality products, that consumers demand, at fair prices. We will operate our business with honesty, integrity, and treat all of our distributors with respect and fairness.



Mr. C.D. Murray, founder of Murray's Superior Products Company, based his business on a simple principle. He believed that an honest product sold at a fair price would spell success. He began producing hair products out of his Chicago barber shop in 1925.

"In the United States countless articles and goods are manufactured to promote your comfort. If those things that are fairly offered to your comfort or peace are worthy they live. If not, they die. The Murray's Superior Products Company's cosmetics have outlived a score of big names that blazed high for awhile and died quickly."
- C.D. Murray 1947

Harry Berlin, a Detroit area pharmacist, purchased Murray's in 1959. Mr. Berlin who worked closely with the Murray family continued to promote the philosophy set forth by Mr. Murray in the 1920's.

"By offering the consumer a real value, you must give them a product they want, and offer it at a fair price. A small company can build the strongest loyalty, if they abide by that principle."
- Harry Berlin 1976

Murray's has continued to grow by remaining true to these principles. Now an internationally known company, Murray's distributes throughout the world, and Murray's Original Hair Dressing Pomade is one of the most recognizable and best selling hair products of all time.

"Business is becoming very complex, and most of the smaller companies are disappearing, We continue to prosper because we are focused on providing an excellent value for our customer while conducting our business with honesty, and integrity."
- Arthur Berlin 1998